Praises for ‘The Wall’


The Wall

“Timely, tense, and tumultuous, The Wall is a family saga, a border thriller, and a novel of sizzling suspense.” –Paul Levine, author of the #1 National Bestseller BUM RAP

“The Wall is a beautiful story, with flawless editing and stylish writing.” –Readers Favorite

“…. I could not stop reading it. The life paths of two families; Thomas and Cecilia Bertram, and Domingo, Blanca and their young daughter, Nancy, were so different and yet so alike. I highly recommend this author.” J. F. Nodar, author of ‘Books, Pens & Larceny’.

Close-up shot of "The Wall" by David Pereda

Praises for ‘However Long the Night’


However Long the Night

“I loved David Pereda’s novel, However Long the Night. I finished it more quickly than any book I’ve read in a long time.  HLTN is an exciting page-turner, and I look forward to the author’s next book.” –Iamfur,

However Long the Night was probably one of the best well written stories that I have read in a long time. It was a novel I kept thinking about long after I set it aside. I would give this a 5-star Plus if that was possible.” –Books Mom, It’s Raining Books

“I talked about your book However Long the Night on our morning show and Wow! After the first page…I was not able to let it go. I love the way you present the characters and the way the story goes.” –Sandra Landry, Superstation – New Brunswick, Canada

“As a skilled writer, David Pereda manages to keep the mystery of the story suspended, thus engaging the reader to the very end. I was hooked by the three-dimensional complexity of the character development and the swirling description.” –Declan Munro, Shard Publications, U. K.

However Long the Night by David Pereda

Praises for ‘Havana: Top Secret’

Havana: Top Secret

“In the vein of great thriller/suspense, David Pereda upholds the genre with Hispanic flair. If you like Harlan Coben, you’re sure to enjoy David Pereda’s fascinating take on a hired assassin, a kidnapped physician, a long love lost, and Fidel Castro. Havana Top Secret is a delightful read. –Susan Blexrud, best-selling author of Love Fang and Fang Shui

“So good, I bought a second copy for my college student nephew. The author has the ability to make you feel you are there and part of the action in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Sex, intrigue, sex, danger, sex, conspiracy, more sex – what else can you ask for?” –Anita Bates,

Havana: Top Secret starts at a gallop and never lets up. David Pereda’s writing is tight and intense. Each chapter seems to end with a cliff-hanger that will keep you turning the pages well into the night. The characters are unforgettable, the plot intense, the backdrop exotic—and this book has all the makings of a bestseller.”     –P.M.Terrell, award-winning author of Exit 22, River Passage, and Vicki’s Key

Havana: Top Secret by David Pereda

Praises for Havana: Confidential

Havana: Confidential

“…Havana Confidential transports us to the internal world and thoughts of maybe the most ingenious, cold and calculating man in Latin American politics. David Pereda, in his novel, makes us understand how we, latinos, reinvent ourselves in a world that isn’t ours in order to exist, and how we must return to our roots in order to achieve our full potential as human beings.” –Martin Ospina, Miami-Dade Calle Ocho Newspaper

“A very interesting plot. Havana Confidential offers Anglo readers the opportunity to learn about the real Cuban experience. I hope it sells a lot of copies.”  –Agustin Acosta, Talk Show Host for TVC-Miami

Havana Confidential promises to be a great success with both Anglo and Hispanic readers.” –Idamis Toledo, Talk Show Host Tampa TV 62

Havana Confidential is exciting and unpredictable.” –Jose Diaz Balart and Olga Dagger, TV Talk Show Hosts for “Telemundo International Live for America”

Havana: Confidential by David Pereda

Praises for Twin Powers


Twin Powers

“The novels of David Pereda never disappoint in how topics from current events are spun into stories that leave the reader wondering if Pereda is creating from a secret knowledge of actual occurrences. Twin Powers is no exception.” –W. F. Hauck, author of Lyleith Awakening and Windjammer

Twin Powers by David Pereda

Praises for Freaking Fast


Freaking Fast

“Still thinking about this book, Freaking Fast, weeks after reading it. Twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Futuristic technology that is very believable and could be right around the corner. Mr. Pereda, are you an inventor or a prophet?” –Jane Strauss,

Freaking Fast by David Pereda

Praises for Havana: Blues


Havana: Blues

“I loved Havana Blues. So sensitively written, and I really liked the fact it was written in the first person. I have now read several of David Pereda’s novels and really enjoyed them all.” –Pamela McGowan,

“Without revealing the text of this book, all I have to say is that it is brilliant…. It makes you ponder if this could really happen….Makes you wonder….”  –Roberto Rodriguez,     

Havana: Blues by David Pereda

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Sequel to the smash hit ‘The Wall’ another exciting story from the mind of David Pereda!

GOLDEN by David Pereda

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