PORT RICHEY, Aug. 29 – Sex, a high-stakes swindle and international intrigue are unveiled in compelling detail by Miami-based author David Pereda in his most recent book Getting Filthy Rich, which will debut on Oct. 21-22 at a major book signing event hosted by Waldenbooks at the Gulf View Square Mall in Port Richey. 

More than 30 writers, including many Florida authors and some from as far away as California, are attending the event. The authors are donating some of their royalty checks to designated charities. 

In real life, Pereda jets between continents juggling a fascinating range of interests, from acting as a consultant to the Qatar government on its state-run petroleum business to competing in international equestrian competitions. 

Getting Filthy Rich is based on a true Texas Ponzi scheme that pre-dated the Enron accounting scandal. Pereda’s novel centers on Rich Connermann, a small-time Houston con man who makes his living bilking investors. He has such confidence in his latest scheme that he’s willing to travel to the Middle East, accompanied by his mistress, carrying a $2-million check as seed money to hoodwink some wealthy Arabs out of $20 million. But the plot takes a series of twists and turns that are bound to make this a suspense-novel classic. 

Pereda is the author of Havana ConfidentialThe Highest Hurdle and Who Killed Fidel Castro?The Cuban native has had a distinguished career as an international consultant, traveling the world for business, equestrian events and track and field competitions to places such as Venezuela, Brazil, the Middle East, Mexico, and the United States.  

In addition to a book tour and writing his next novel, Pereda has been shopping the movie rights to his first novel Havana Confidential with a well-known Hollywood film producer


David Pereda