• Setting the Scene: Backdrops

    My latest thriller, Twin Powers, was officially released by my publisher, Second Wind Publishing, at the annual Book’Em event held at the Robeson Community College in Lumberton, North Carolina on February 28th. I was part of a three-person panel titled,Setting the Scene: Backdrops. I had great colleagues on the panel, a smart moderator, and a fantastic ...
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  • A Novel Approach to Multiple Climaxes

    Ideally, a climax should be satisfying. The Webster College Dictionary defines climax with erudite authority as “the highest point” or “culmination.” In reality, based on my own empirical observation, a climax varies according to the characters involved, the situation, the point of view, the technique, the pace, and the progression. Some examples that come to ...
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  • The Cuban Connection in my Writing

    People often ask me, “Why do you write so much about Cuba?” “Is it a place that intrigues you?” “Do you have a business connection?” “Do you have a personal nexus, perhaps a wife or a girlfriend from Cuba?” “Have you ever visited Cuba?” “What is it about Cuba that stimulates you to write all ...
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