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  • On Meeting Genghis Khan
    This interview originally appeared on Author CA Milson’s blog  Here are three things about me that people may or not know: 1-My most successful book is one my fans have probably […]
  • The Differences Between a Book and a Movie
    This guest blog originally appeared on Fabulous and Brunette The difference between reading a novel and watching a movie is like the difference between empathy and sympathy: empathy is feeling another […]
  • Things You May Not Know About Me
    This guest blog originally appeared on Andi’s Book Reviews                                   There are many things about me fans may not know. However, I don’t want fans to know everything about me, either, […]
  • On Becoming a Writer
    This interview originally appeared on The Avid Reader What made you want to become a writer? I don’t know who or what inspired me to become a writer. I was a […]
  • Behind the Scenes – Inspiration for The Wall
    This interview originally appeared at Rogue’s Angels I don’t know who or what inspired me to write. I was a voracious reader as a little kid and loved westerns. I was […]
  • Setting the Scene: Backdrops
    My latest thriller, Twin Powers, was officially released by my publisher, Second Wind Publishing, at the annual Book’Em event held at the Robeson Community College in Lumberton, North Carolina on February […]
  • A Novel Approach to Multiple Climaxes
    Ideally, a climax should be satisfying. The Webster College Dictionary defines climax with erudite authority as “the highest point” or “culmination.” In reality, based on my own empirical observation, a climax […]
  • The Cuban Connection in my Writing
    People often ask me, “Why do you write so much about Cuba?” “Is it a place that intrigues you?” “Do you have a business connection?” “Do you have a personal nexus, […]
  • The Pros and Cons of Blog Book Tours
    (article linked on P.M.Terrell and Book ‘Em NC websites) Our guest today is David Pereda, the award-winning author of six novels, dozens of articles and poems. His latest romantic suspense novel, However Long the […]
  • Are Minor Literary Awards Worth It?
    Published June 2012 in Author’s Voice A publication of the South Florida Writers’ Association With the advent of digital technologies like the Kindle and the Nook, which have fueled an exponential […]
  • David Pereda Makes Amazon Breakthrough Novel Semifinals
    ASHEVILLE — Author David Pereda announced today that chose his manuscript for Who Killed Fidel Castro? out of 5,000 entries to be a semifinalist in the online bookseller’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. […]
  • Urban Garden — Pride and Possibility
    Laurel of Asheville — Jun 1, 2009 Bob White extended a hand the size of a baseball glove toward me, fingers cupped around a leafy vegetable he had just snatched from […]
  • Are You in AWE Yet?
    Laurel magazine — May 1, 2008 — After its successful inaugural meeting in April, the Asheville Writing Enthusiasts (AWE) will resume monthly meetings on Saturday May 3, 2008, in the Board […]
  • Exceptional Pairings with Premium Beer
    It is hardly surprising that beer is the drink of choice in many countries around the world. The question we asked ourselves is: Can beer, like wine, be paired successfully with […]
  • A Tuscan Afternoon
    This month we invited Chef Anthony Cerrato, owner of the popular Fiore’s Restarant in Asheville, N.C. and Jayson Landers, his wine steward, to be our guests for this column. Chef Cerrato is […]
  • My Dad
    Included in Express Yourself, Vol. 2, an anthology of poetry due to be published November 2007. He was the essence, the seed, the unique ancestral root From where my brother and I came, […]
  • Country Bistro
    Photos by Mariate Echeverry This month we invited Chef Ferris Camp to be our guest for this column. Chef Camp studied at the New England Culinary Institute and honed his remarkable […]
  • Who Killed Fidel Castro? Wins Second Literary Award This Year
    JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (July 30, 2007) – David Pereda, an up-and-coming author who gave up a successful international consulting career to become a writer, won first place in the Lighthouse Book Awards […]
  • Bolero
    Published in “Author’s Voice” magazine and included in Express Yourself, Vol. 2, an anthology of poetry due to be published November 2007. A languid rhythm itching at our feet, The smell of salt, […]
  • Wine Musings from Margarita
    I have selected four outstanding red wines for you, sure to please the most discriminating wine taste buds. Three of the wines come from the increasingly popular region of Ribera del […]
  • Bogota, Falling for Wine
    In tune with our current Pasajero issue highlighting Columbia, we decided to explore what wines Columbians like to drink. In order to do that, we invited Dario Parra, owner of the well-known […]
  • Miami Author Wins Literary Award
    MIAMI (Nov. 13, 2006) – The Florida Writers Association awarded Miami-based author David Pereda second place in the 2006 Royal Palm Literary Awards for his novel, Beyond Midnight in America.   The book, scheduled for publication […]
  • The Laurel of Asheville – An Artistic Rebirth
    It’s no wonder that the River Arts District follows the meanderings of the French Broad River. One of the few rivers in the world that runs north instead of south, it […]
  • Catar en Familia
    Mi pequeña hija, quien tiene apenas tres años, ama el vino; pero me adelanto. Como diría Aristóteles, empecemos por el principio: ¡Bienvenidos a mi columna! Si usted lee estas líneas es porque le interesan […]
  • Wine Musings with Carlos and Sophia
    My three-year old daughter, Sophia, loves wine. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s begin at the beginning, as Aristotle would say: welcome to my column. If you’re reading these words, […]
  • David Pereda’s Suspense Thriller Debuts
    PORT RICHEY, Aug. 29 – Sex, a high-stakes swindle and international intrigue are unveiled in compelling detail by Miami-based author David Pereda in his most recent book Getting Filthy Rich, which will […]
  • Pasajero – The White Devil of Chuao
    Erwin has turned into a devil.  Wearing a frightening mask and a colorful costume, he dances on the streets of Chuao in the steaming sun, following a long line of equally-attired devils […]