David Pereda Award-Winning Author

“A thrilling suspense novel is a little like suspecting your spouse has a lover and you setting out to prove it — every gut-wrenching word, casual glance or innocent action has multiple meanings and ratches up the unbearable tension until, finally, when you are about to explode, you find out the truth — which will inevitably surprise you!”

-Author David Pereda


The Highest Hurdle

The Highest Hurdle

Genres: Romance, Thriller
The Mexican Equestrian Federation challenges the best riders in the world to attempt the seemingly impossible—break the official mark of 2.47 meters for the highest jump on horseback ever recorded. The competition rules state that only one rider can be declared the winner. But, realistically, can any horse and rider combination in the world, however good, overcome The Highest Hurdle? More info →
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